Top places to visit in the Philippines

Some of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, be sure to keep your summer free because you will be wanting to visit these places.

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1. El Nido Palawan

El Nido is a surreal place: Endless beaches, crystal clear waters, and an underwater world, that will take your breath away. A destination that truly looks like paradise.


2. Bohol

Bohol is a province located in the Visayas region of the Philippines and is the country’s 10th largest island. Unbeknownst to me, aside from the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers, Bohol is also famous for beautiful beaches and renowned dive spots. In 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Bohol and Cebu, claiming over 100 lives. One can only imagine how devastating it must’ve been. Today, Bohol continues to rebuild and in my opinion, is recovering rather well in terms of tourism.


Here’s a picture I took when staying in one of the top resorts on the island..known as Mithi resort spa

3. Siquijor

Siquijor is a mysterious other-world of witchcraft and the unknown. True, this tiny island province is famous for its mountain-dwelling mangkukulam (healers) who brew traditional ointments for modern ailments. But these days Siquijor’s most popular healing practice involves a cocktail and a deck chair at any number of its laid-back and wonderfully affordable beach resorts. Attractions include great diving, waterfalls, caves and forest walks in the hilly interior. Just about everywhere on Siquijor is great for snorkelling – find the nearest beach and dive in. Like many beaches in the Visayas, swimming is only possible during high tide, and wearing thongs (flip-flops) is recommended as protection against sea urchins.

Enjoy these next few pictures, I captured whilst staying on the island!

4. Coron Palawan

The islands commonly know as Coron are some of our favorite places in the whole world. The more we travel the more we look back at the time we spent here and realize how special this place is. Coron, Palawan is home to a number of unique and breathtaking sights. What this cluster of islands has become most well known for is the handful of WWII shipwrecks that are permanently entombed off the shores of Coron.

Above the surface, Coron is just as majestic and is home to one of the most photographed spots in all of the Philippines.

5. Badian Kawasan falls

The Highland Adventures Philippines is an adventure sports company in the Badian region. It was through them that I did my first experience of Canyoneering and I only have to thank because it was one of the best days of my life.


Heres a video I made from my time traveling in the Philippines, enjoy!!

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