23 creepy DIY ideas for Halloween! not for the faint-hearted.

Take a look at these 23 creative Halloween ideas! These sure will be an inspiration if you’re looking to craft your own DIY spooky theme.

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1. DIY dementor

Halloween decorations are quite often centered around famous fairytales, stories or movies – bringing out some of the most spooky characters, creatures and objects to our home decor. If you are a die-hard Harry Potter lover, then this DIY Dementor inspired by the movie is not only going to take your breath away, but also thrill the trick-or-treaters to the core!

from: cutediyprojects.com

2.  concrete smiling stones

Did you just do a double take?! Yup, this is not your typical Halloween decor but it’s perfect as it will create some giggles and maybe even screams! Better yet, they will last forever since they are concrete and are so easy that you can make a bunch for pennies once you have the mold.

from: www.instructables.com

3. eyeball flowers

These are terrifying and unsettling. Just buy some fake flowers from a craft store and fake eyeballs from a Halloween store, and glue the eyeballs inside the flowers. You get these weird things. Make sure the flowers are dark to add to the Halloween effect.

from: www.hercampus.com

4. creepy Halloween candles

It’s hard to even describe these unusual votive candles—and there is no end to the variations you could use to make them exceptionally eerie. Each one has an old photograph with the eyes cut out so that they glow an unsettling yellow. They actually look pretty cool with the lights on too.

from: www.diyncrafts.com

5. dangling spider web!

from: buildehome.com

6. floating witch hat

DIY Floating Witch Hat Luminaries Halloween Porch Decorations.

from: dreamingindiy.com

7. flame free luminaries

I love holiday luminaries! But I’m also a freak about open flames so I came up with these awesome, super easy DIY Halloween luminaries that are flame-free so, there is one kid and pet safety hazard I have covered for ya. Obviously take precautions to avoid other dangers like I know you normally would. But fire? No worries here.

from: www.crayonsandcollars.com

8. creepy spider mason jar

catch a spider by its toe; light up mason jar!

from: www.momdot.com

9. balloon spider web

unique spider web balloon!!

10. DIY wicked witch legs

DIY wicked witch legs

from: grillo-designs.com

11. unique pumpkin carving

Artist and designer Noah Scalin of Skull-A-Day provides a detailed tutorial for carving this clever take on the Jack-O-Lantern.   The project is another look at Scalin’s “discovery” from 2010, where he used “careful dissection” to figure out “what the inside of a Jack-O’-Lantern really looks like!

from: www.manmadediy.com

12. ghost cupcakes

This has got to be the easiest craft…scary easy, I’ve come up with for Halloween. Gather the kids and have some fun! Let them draw some funny or scary ghosts. Remember, only use BATTERY OPERATED VOTIVES.

from: faccidesigns.blogspot.com

13. scary coffin decoration

creepy coffin Halloween decoration!

tutorial: www.instructables.com

14. DIY lanterns

materials used are Black wood frame, plastic spider, black pigment, milk glue, glue gun.

from: kenh14.vn

15. DIY packing tape ghosts

Whether you’re decorating your house for Halloween or hosting a Halloween party, these packing tape ghosts are SPOOK-tacular! They are seriously the coolest Halloween craft you’re ever going to make! They make perfect outdoor Halloween decorations or party decorations. Plus, if you’re going all out and setting up a haunted house, these packing tape ghosts are the perfect Halloween props that will really scare the trick-or-treaters.

from: www.prettymyparty.com

16. paper mice

17. DIY scary lanterns

Although these spooky Halloween lanterns look effective, they take no time at all to make. In fact, you could have them ready in 10 minutes from start to finish once you sit down with the few things you need. Oh, and I find little lanterns like these a great way to recycle glass jars.

from: lecoindemel.com

18. black cat lanterns

DIY Black Cat O’Lanterns will look perfect on your front porch this Halloween!

from: dreamingindiy.com

19. Dripped candle wax bottles

20. DIY ghost eyes

If you’ve got trees or bushes outside your house, this is GREAT. Cut pairs of eyes in cardboard loo rolls, snap a glow stick to put inside and position them in your hedge for when it gets dark. GENIUS.

from: www.cosmopolitan.com

21. wooden spoon bats

This wooden spoon bat craft is such a fun project for Halloween. You can make them in less than half an hour, and even with the painting, the mess isn’t that bad as long as you work on a foil-lined baking sheet. The kids can make the bat wings flap while they fly the bats through the air. Or you could even hang them on the wall as a fun Halloween decoration.

from: onelittleproject.com

22. creepy DIY candles

Wrapping paper tubes or paper towel tubes or TP tubes, hot glue gun & glue sticks, flat black spray paint, and battery operated tea lights from Dollar Tree.
Pretty and no fire danger!

from: peacelovelinds.blogspot.com

23. skull candles

from: buildehome.com

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