37 of the best Donut recipes

Here are 37 unique donut recipes you must try, honestly you’re missing out if you haven’t tried any of these yet! yum yum

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1. Oreo cheesecake donuts

Morning treat you will not want to miss! Easy doughnuts stuffed with cheesecake mixture and topped with sweet glaze and crushed Oreo cookies.

Recipe: www.willcookforsmiles.com

2. Yellow cake donuts

The recipe I used for these yellow donuts is actually a Babycakes cake pop recipe. I loved this when I made it for cake pops, and I thought it would be great for donuts too.

Recipe: makebakecelebrate.com

3. S’more donuts

Glazed and ganache, with crushed graham crackers on top, and a marshmallow buttercream center, these S’mores Donuts are delicious and decadent.

Recipe: www.dessertnowdinnerlater.com

4. Nutella churro

nutella churro donut holes are oven baked not fried, filled with Nutella and coated in buttery cinnamon sugar!

Recipe: cafedelites.com

5. Vegan deer Biscoff donuts holes

Delicious and Moorish doughnut holes, filled with a mouth-watering Biscoff spread, rolled in golden sugar, decorated with homemade royal icing details and pretzels for the antlers.
How adorable do they look?

6. Donut fries

Donut even think about touching my fries.

Recipe: www.delish.com

7. Baked key lime pie donuts

Easy Baked Key Lime Pie Donuts topped with a key lime glaze and crushed graham crackers!

Recipe: www.livewellbakeoften.com

8. Samoa donuts

These Samoa Donuts are like the real deal – Girl Scout cookie but made with a soft, buttery bakery donut. Oh, yeah wipe the drool from your computer screen and take a bite. I mean not from your computer, but make these donuts and dive on in! There won’t be any leftovers, trust me!

Recipe: www.dashofsanity.com

9. Buttermilk donuts

This easy, no rise dough is a quick way to have fresh buttermilk doughnuts at home anytime.

Recipe: www.thelittleepicurean.com

10. Strawberry coffee cake donuts

Have you ever tried baking donuts?  If not, now is the time to start.  These Strawberry Coffee Cake Donuts are loaded with fresh, chopped strawberries, topped with coffee cake streusel and drizzled with glaze.  Breakfast treats have never been more pretty or tasty as these!

Recipe: delightfulemade.com

11. Red velvet donuts

The  BEST Red Velvet Doughnuts imaginable. Soft & moist with the perfect cake doughnut crumb,  a delicious red velvet flavor, and a cream cheese glaze. These baked doughnuts are perfection.

Recipe: www.justsotasty.com

12. Bakery style peanut butter & jelly donuts

Soft, fluffy, and stuffed with peanut butter and jelly – these bakery style doughnuts are a classic!

Recipe: bakerbynature.com

13. Baked Nutella donuts

Two of my favorite guilty pleasures come together as one perfect treat: Baked Nutella Donuts!  This baked donut recipe is quick and easy.  No frying.  No fuss.

Recipe: wonkywonderful.com

14. Copycat Starbucks devils food donuts

DEVIL’S FOOD DONUTS are insanely delicious. Covered in a vanilla-butter glaze, they’re better that the real deal and healthier too!

Recipe: www.dashofsanity.com

15. Caramel macchiato baked donuts

Recipe: www.tonyastaab.com

16. Vanilla cinnamon donuts

The donuts are flavored with vanilla and cinnamon. You can essentially make any of my donut recipes into hearts and top with this pink icing.

Recipe: sallysbakingaddiction.com

17. French honey crullers

All the ingredients that are needed for these French honey crullers are probably already in your kitchen. The dough starts with a few eggs, less than a stick of butter, a couple tablespoons of powdered sugar, and a pinch of salt. Along with flour, of course. The recipes that require zero trips to the grocery store are my favorite.

Recipe: littlespicejar.com

18. Double chocolate donuts

These moist and rich baked double chocolate donuts are under 100 calories each, and you’ll never guess that they’re packed full of zucchini and other better-for-you healthy ingredients! Indulge your chocoholic sweet tooth without ruining your diet!

Recipe: www.happinessishomemade.net

19. Banana bread donuts

These moist banana bread donuts are baked, not fried! So simple to make and so delicious with a rich chocolate glaze on top.

Recipe: www.somethingswanky.com

20. Vegan coconut & lemon donuts

Recipe: www.connoisseurusveg.com

21. Apple & cinnamon baked donuts

These Apple Cinnamon Baked Donuts are packed with apples (healthy, right?!) and cinnamon — the perfect fall treat! Smothered in a brown sugar glaze that makes these a decadent dessert or special breakfast.

Recipe: www.thereciperebel.com

22. Raspberry & vanilla donuts

These quick and easy Raspberry Vanilla Baked Donuts are downright delicious.  With pops of fresh, sweet, fruity raspberries; specks of smooth vanilla and a creamy, rich white chocolate glaze these donuts are a perfect sweet treat and the reason to get out of bed!

Recipe: www.nospoonnecessary.com

23. Vanilla chai donuts

These donuts are baked, not fried, and loaded with sweet and spicy vanilla chai flavors!  For a more intense flavor, drizzle or dip in a chai glaze!

Recipe: www.thechunkychef.com

24. Maple donuts

This Baked Maple Donuts Recipe with Maple Glaze may be your answer to the perfect homemade fall breakfast pastry.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Recipe: momfoodie.com

25. Chocolate hazelnut donuts

EXCELLENCE Roasted Hazelnut Bar makes the filling for these Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Doughnuts smooth, rich, and just a little bit crunchy.

Recipe: bakerbynature.com

26. Chocolate glazed donuts

This makes a much healthier treat.  They may be baked instead of fried, but taste just as delicious and they’re soft, chocolatey and generously covered in a sweet glaze.

Recipe: www.errenskitchen.com

27. Coffee cake donuts

Baked, not fried, these Coffee Cake Donuts are ready in less than 30 minutes. The Vanilla Glaze makes them irresistible!

Recipe: bakerbynature.com

28. Baked lemon blueberry donuts

These Baked Lemon Blueberry Donuts are incredibly easy to make and perfect for breakfast!

Recipe: www.livewellbakeoften.com

29. Mango cream donuts

Buttery, pillowy, super soft brioche donuts. Then they are poked open and filled with a cold mango whipped cream.

Recipe: thedessertedgirl.com

30. Apple cider donuts

Fluffy spiced donuts spiked with apple cider and rolled in cinnamon spice sugar. They’re baked rather than fried and you won’t miss it!

Recipe: www.sprinklesomesugar.com

31. Classic apple fritters donuts

These Classic Apple Fritters Doughnuts are just like the ones from your favorite bakery or donut shop. Make them at home to enjoy anytime (and they freeze beautifully!)

Recipe: www.seasonsandsuppers.ca

32. Chocolate orange donuts

Baked Double Chocolate Orange Doughnuts – Deliciously moist and fluffy chocolate doughnuts that are baked, infused with orange, and topped with a chocolate orange ganache!

Recipe: marshasbakingaddiction.com

33. Whiskey bacon donuts

Get in the Irish spirit with whiskey flavored baked donuts, the perfect sweet treat for your party guests.

Recipe: healthyaperture.com

34. Homemade Boston cream donuts

Donut worry, be happy. This Boston cream donut recipe will enable you to make delicious custard-filled and chocolate topped donuts to enjoy whenever you’d like.

Recipe: www.craftsy.com

35. Strawberry lemon donuts

Recipe: dontwastethecrumbs.com

36. Jam filled donuts

Make an easy and simple but yummylicious treat that both kids and adults will love with this foolproof jam donuts recipe! Nothing beats a classic dessert!

Recipe: theseamanmom.com

37. Glazed donuts

These original glazed donuts are light and chewy and a good way to get anyone out of bed in the morning. Who can resist a Krispy Kreme recipe copycat?

Recipe: www.theworktop.com

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