20 seriously refreshing Cocktails: Drink recipes

Here are 20 refreshing cocktails for any time of the day, whether you need waking up in the morning or having friends over in the evening. One of these recipes will be perfect for you!

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1. Frozen pineapple mai tai

A Mai Tai is just one of those drinks that conjures up images of warm sandy beaches, palm trees, and crystal clear waters. A.K.A vacation, baby!

Recipe: www.mightymrs.com

2. Shark attack cocktail

this Shark Attack cocktail is sweet, smoky, and with a fresh burst of citrus to keep it refreshing. Enjoy!

Recipe: laurenconrad.com

3. The man war cocktail

Wrap a few handfuls of ice cubes in a clean towel and, using a rolling pin or muddler, tap on it until all the ice is broken up and crushed. Divide ice among rocks glasses and set aside.

Recipe: saltandwind.com

4. Blood orange grapefruit

This blend of blood orange and grapefruit juices is lightly sweetened with an easy-to-make rosemary and thyme simple syrup. The combination of brisk juices and woodsy herbal flavors make this blood orange cocktail just sophisticated enough while still going down easy.

Recipe: umamigirl.com

5. Twelve-mile limit

If you’re a brown liquor lover with a penchant for in-your-face flavors—like those found in a classic Manhattan, sidecar or old-fashioned—then this cocktail is for you. Named after a law that banned consuming alcohol up to a dozen miles off U.S. shores, this thumb-your-nose-at-the-man cocktail was a favorite during Prohibition.

Recipe: blogs.nordstrom.com

6. Resolute cocktail

The Resolute cocktail features apricot brandy, an ingredient people tend to love or hate due to the sweetness. But don’t write it off yet – in this recipe, there are strong citrus notes to balance out the brandy.

Recipe: mixthatdrink.com

7. Devils margarita

A well-made Margarita is a pure joy to drink, but sometimes you crave a more sinful cocktail. This tasty twist on the tequila classic calls for red wine, adding a dash of color and earthiness to the mix.

Recipe: www.liquor.com

8. Cherry Bomb whiskey

Enjoy this Cherry Bomb Bourbon Whiskey with your friends and drink a toast to me…Cheers!

Recipe: totallythebomb.com

9. The dirty Shirley cocktail

She whipped up this Dirty Shirley and I knew immediately that I had to share it with you guys. If you’re having a crappy day and want an easy-to-make cocktail that’s delicious and strong… this is it.

Recipe: jojotastic.com

10. Blackbeard cocktail

A spirit forward spiced rum cocktail dyed black naturally with squid ink.

recipe: honestlyyum.com

11. Makers mark collins

Swap gin for bourbon to create a tasty spin on the classic Tom Collins.

Recipe: www.liquor.com

12. Blackberry ginger mint

This Blackberry Ginger Mint Julep is a twist on an icy and refreshing spring tradition, and perfect for any Derby Day brunch! Minted simple syrup and blackberries are muddled together with good strong Kentucky bourbon, then topped with ginger beer for an added kick of flavor.

Recipe: thecrumbykitchen.com

13. Fruity bourbon cocktail

If you can’t find blood oranges for this citrusy cocktail, navel oranges will work just fine.

Recipe: www.brit.co

14. Whiskey sour cocktail

The cocktail itself is slightly sour from the fresh lemons, as sweet as you like (since you control the sugar amount), and smooth and buttery thanks to the liquor. Whiskey Sours make a wonderful nightcap and are easy enough to make for Netflix or poker night with friends.

Recipe: realhousemoms.com

15. Maple bourbon

I had the thought that I would love to add a touch of the sweet, earthy syrup to a cocktail in place of simple syrup and got to searching around for maple syrup cocktails.

Recipe: jellytoastblog.com

16. Flaming zombie

A spooktacularly strong Zombie Cocktail Recipe made with the classic recipe, perfect for your Halloween get together. Can be served lit or unlit.

Recipe: www.huffingtonpost.co.uk

17. Sweet cherry Manhattan

The key to the Manhattan lies in the addition of sweet, red vermouth, which balances out the tartness of bourbon (which is the whiskey most often used these days, though rye is traditional).

Recipe: bojongourmet.com

18. The bourbon sweetheart

The perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail to share with your love! A combo of bourbon and strawberries, cheers!

Recipe: www.gastronomblog.com

19. New Yorker

Recipe: www.sippitysup.com

20. Autumn pear

Recipe: www.gastronomblog.com

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