10 minimalist room ideas for those who don’t like clutter

Check out these 10 minimalist bedrooms for some sleek personal space inspiration.

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1. The living room

From: www.minus.be

2. White and black bedroom

From: blazepress.com

3. Boffi and de Padova

From: homedecorideasadvicetoday.club

4. Room for mediation

From: morningchores.com

5. Bedroom with white sheets

From: www.sfgirlbybay.com

6. Workspace

From: www.myunfinishedhome.com

7. Inner piece bedroom

From: aspiremetro.com

8. Room with a chic floor bed

From: www.domino.com

9. Living room with a marble table

From: www.storiesbyme.se

10. Soft minimalist living room

From: www.thesefourwallsblog.com

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