30 perfect crepes recipes: Dessert food

30 Delicious crepes you got to try!

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1. Vietnamese Sizzling Crepes

Vietnamese Crepe (Banh Xeo) is thin, crispy and filled with shrimp, pork, and crunchy vegetables. Serve it with fresh herbs and refreshing lime dipping fish sauce, and this savory crepe will make even the pickiest eater smile.

Recipe: delightfulplate.com

2. Apple Walnut Crepes

These apple walnut crepes are super easy to make. Each crepe is loaded with a delicious apple walnut filling then topped with powdered sugar. As the apple and walnut filling is simmering in the saucepan, the smell is amazing. Nothing says fall like the aroma that fills a kitchen with the smell of delicious fall desserts. Having my home, especially my kitchen, smell like fall is the absolute best.

Recipe: www.greatgrubdelicioustreats.com

3. Chocolate Crepes

Recipe: www.veganfamilyrecipes.com

4. Chocolate Crepes with Peanut Butter

Chocolate Crepes with Peanut Butter Marshmallow Filling are all you need for a luxurious Sunday brunch. Chocolate crepes, peanut butter, what more could you need?

Recipe: www.foodfanatic.com

5. Classic Crepe Suzette

Recipe: www.waitrose.com

6. Nutella Banana Crepes

These Nutella banana crepes are a new twist on my favorite crepe recipe, and they are not only super easy to make, they’re also indulgent and delicious!

Recipe: www.thebakerupstairs.com

7. Manicotti Crepes

Ricotta and mozzarella cheese are enveloped in light and tender crepes, dressed in homemade tomato sauce and baked to a molten-hot, bubbly finish that is, simply put, irresistible!

Recipe: www.cinnamonspiceandeverythingnice.com

8. Buttermilk Crepes

This Choux Pastry Buttermilk Crepes Recipe is an easy crepe recipe. A recipe on how to make crepes, with one trick that makes these crepes virtually tear free. A delicious Crepe Batter that produces crepes with a lustrous sheen and chewy texture.

Recipe: letthebakingbegin.com

9. Chicken Cordon Bleu Crepes

Recipe: www.tasteofhome.com

10. Savory Herb Crepes

Recipe: www.cookingandbeer.com

11. Gluten-free Crepes

Recipe: www.coulditbeceliac.com

12. Turkey Presto Crepes

Pesto, peppers, turkey and asiago cheese… thats the recipe for delicious my friends.

Recipe: www.chef-in-training.com

13. S’mores Crepes

These easy smores crepes are perfect for breakfast or brunch. Thin chocolate crepes are filled with marshmallow fluff, graham crackers and chocolate chunks.

Recipe: cakewhiz.com

14. Buckwheat Crepes

Also referred to as galettes in Brittany, France, buckwheat crêpes have gained in popularity in this country in large part because they’re a tasty, gluten-free alternative to a traditional crêpe.

Recipe: www.kingarthurflour.com

15. Cinnamon Cream Cheese Crepes

Easy Cinnamon Cream Cheese Filling Recipe: For Crepes: So quick and easy, your family will think you got up early to prepare this special treat!

Recipe: fantabulosity.com

16. Banana Split Crepes

Delicate crepes with a sweet cream filling, bananas and chocolate. Is it dessert or breakfast? I say both!

Recipe: www.aboutamom.com

17. Cinnamon Bun Crepes

These are delicious topped with berries or bananas but you can just sprinkle yours with some of the cinnamon sugar topping and drizzle with leftover cream cheese mixture.

Recipe: www.momsandmunchkins.ca

18. Vegan Crepe

Recipe: gdpr.spoonuniversity.com

19. Apple Cinnamon Crepe

You can’t go wrong by mixing finely chopped apples with brown sugar and cinnamon and then stuffing that into a crepe. These Apple Cinnamon Crepes are like an apple pie – in a crepe!

Recipe: juliasalbum.com

20. Creamy Garlic Chicken & Mushroom Crepe

These delicious savoury pancakes filled with creamy garlic chicken and mushrooms would make a perfect supper dish on pancake day, or any other day! The filling is easy to make and ideal for using up any leftover roast chicken.

Recipe: www.recipesmadeeasy.co.uk

21. Vegan Chocolate Crepe

22. Blueberry Sauce Crepe

Blueberry Sauce Crepes – Soft and silky Crepes filled with a sweet Honey Whipped Cream and accompanied by a warm Blueberry Sauce.

Recipe: diethood.com

23. Chicken Crepe

Recipe: completerecipes.com

24. Pumpkin Crepes

I am a sucker for Pumpkin flavored food and I am also a sucker for crepes. So it totally makes sense that this has become a favorite recipe in our home.

Recipe: www.simplisticallyliving.com

25. Spinach Crepe

Recipe: www.anolon.com

26. Red Velvet Crepes

Recipe: www.sixsistersstuff.com

27. Strawberry & Cream Crepes

These Crepes….these crepes! These Crepes with their hint of Vanilla…and those Strawberries with the hint of Orange liqueur, and that cream with a hint of love; have been all I can think about for a whole entire week of computer breakdowns, children breakdowns….and mental breakdowns!

Recipe: cafedelites.com

28. Berries & Cream Crepes

These berries and cream crepes are my favorite to eat for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. They’re the best way to start the day, and I promise they don’t take that long to make, so you could even have them on a weekday for breakfast.

Recipe: lmld.org

29. French Crepes

Recipe: www.pardonyourfrench.com

30. Chocolate Eclair Crepe Cake

Recipe: www.sixsistersstuff.com

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