9 most effective ways to boost fitness fast

Get in shape fast with these simple cardio workouts and tips!

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1. Walk it up

Something as simple as a daily amble during your lunch break can do incredible things for your fitness and health.


2. Hit the park

Looking for a good place to zip through your body weight routine outside? The park is an ideal environment, with benches and the climbing frame, for instance, doubling as exercise equipment, says Barbara Duff, of Agile Fitness in London.


3. Tune up

Listening to the right tunes can cut your perceived effort by 10%, according to research from Brunel University. Whatever your fitness goal, MH has a scientifically-formulated playlist that will give your workout a crucial boost.




4. Stay motivated

Around three-quarters of fitness, regimes fall by the wayside within a couple of years of your first wheezing jog



5. Up your intensity

Short on time? Quick bursts of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can bestow all the benefits of prolonged exercise – and more.



6. Stay frosty

Training outside in cold weather might not seem the most appealing prospect, but the fitness benefits gleaned from braving the UK’s winter chill are superlative. Get out there.



7. Squash your routine

Squash burns 10% more calories than any other sport. And the workouts squash players tend to adopt aren’t exactly easy-going, either.



8. A fit man’s best friend

Dog-owners are 77% more likely to get sufficient physical activity in comparison to pooch-less people, according to an Australian study of 1813 adults.



9. Go row

Want to burn close to a thousand calories while sitting on your posterior? It’s called the rowing machine, dear boy. Use it right and lifelong fitness will be yours.




Article Inspired by: www.menshealth.com

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