Creative jellyfish designs that make you feel relaxed

Jellyfish are elegant and have relaxing movements which makes them look like a living piece of art. Their popularity has increased over the last couple of years with more people wanting to own a jellyfish styled lamp.

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1. Handmade Pendant Lamp, Neutral Jellyfish

This handmade knitted pendant lamp was inspired by the wonderful organic shape of a jellyfish. It’s a statement piece that will add a ton of character to your decor. The lamps are handmade in Montreal by Annie Legault, a talented textile designer. This pendant lamp will make your bohemian decor even cooler. I just love the way it hangs! It will make any room look super cozy and warm.

2. Skyphos Chandelier by Katerina Smolíková

The chandelier is inspired by deep water bioluminescence living organisms, designed to darker areas, primarily as an orientation light. Smolíková received a Czech National Award For Student Design for her project.

3. Jellyfish Chandelier in NAU Restaurant by Sandra Moura architect studio

Inspired by its coastal location and the warm Brazilian ocean this new Nau Restaurant branch is a contemporary and artistic architectural project, carried on by the renowned Sandra Moura architect studio. At the interior decor, the sea theme can be found everywhere – in the lighting project developed by Peter Gasper, which includes very impressive and artistic jellyfish lamps and hidden blue-green-white wave like illumination. The turned upside – down hanging boats, or even the furnishing – massive boat-shaped tables, comfortably grounded chairs and oars for decoration – everything whispers – sea life, including the rich selection of seafood from the menu. Coastal references to the culture, gastronomy, and lifestyle of the Brazilian capital are embodied by this contemporary architectural project. Photographs: Joana França

4. Jellyfish Chandelier by Abhika

5. Majestic Jellyfish Chandelier.

Amazing jellyfish likeness is captured in this stunning pendant light. Echoes of the deep sea and the ethereal creatures that call it home are on display in this large-sized hanging chandelier. The “body” is made of nickel with brass pin nail embellishments. The “tentacles” are a hanging clear glass bead combination to bring modern whimsy and a magical glow to a coastal retreat.



6. Origami Lampshade-  Jellyfish pendant light

The Jellyfish pendant light is an item for those seeking a minimalistic piece for their home interior. Inspired by the desire to merge present-day design with the Dutch seaside mood, the Jellyfish Light features a geometric perforated shape creating starry light patterns on the walls. This one-of-a-kind pendant light shade is suitable for above the dining table, for in the bathroom, or as a cool addition to your office. It is ideal as a children’s gift for updating a child’s bedroom with a lot of fun. Brighten up your home with a Jellyfish Lampshade: a stunning sculpture by day and an intriguing light at night. The material used to create these sculptural light shade is white translucent plastic sheets, chosen for its durability and recyclability.

7. Gallery of Dubai Metro: Khalid Bin Waleed Station Nadia Masood Pertaining To Jellyfish Chandelier

8. Gorgeous Jellyfish-Inspired Lamps

Though you wouldn’t immediately think of jellyfish when you think of lamps, it makes much more sense when you remember that some species of jellyfish can produce light in their bodies, known as bioluminescence. The Medusae Collection by Californian designer Roxy Russell highlights this fact with its gorgeous creations.

“Jellyfish are perhaps the best example of environmental adaptation in the ocean. They are composed of 95 percent water. Unparalleled in diaphanous luminosity, they are also a natural inspiration for lighting elements.” Love that you can turn your home into an undersea fantasy.

French sculptor Géraldine Gonzalez has some really beautiful medusas too, some of which involve crystals and LEDs and others of paper.

When you look at them jellyfish are beautiful, they’re elegant, painfully simple and they are obviously doing something right seen as they’ve been around so long. Enjoy our Jellyfish lamp Design Ideas! [source -unknown]

9. Jelly Fish Pendant Lamps

Pendant lights are often used in multiples, hung in a straight line over kitchen counter-tops and dinette sets or sometimes in bathrooms. Pendants come in a huge variety of sizes and vary in materials from metal to glass or concrete and plastic. These pendant lights represent my creative approach and technique unique to Strini Art Glass.

10. Air Plant Jellyfish by ‘PetitBeast’

LA-based designer and art director Cathy Van Hoang had the novel idea of using sea urchin shells as upside down planters for air plants to create little aerial jellyfish.

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