how do you find the most attractive engagement ring from among the options available in the market? This guide highlights the highly rated engagement ring styles and from these, you can compare and pick high-quality diamond engagement rings.

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1. The Striking Diamond Solitaire

The diamond solitaire is a no-brainer for most couples. You see, it stands out from all other types of rings in the market due to the prominence brilliance, and focus on the cut and quality of the center stone. If you use the services of a highly experienced jeweler, there is no way you can go wrong with a diamond solitaire.is cubic zirconia good for an engagement ring

2. Three-stone Setting Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is a classic and it is no wonder then that most couples still opt for it. It is among the most popular style for a diamond engagement ring in the industry and for obvious reasons. These rings are among the easiest to customize, one of the main requirements by couples.

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In the three-stone setting, you have different combinations to work with and the final piece will carry a lot of meaning. You can also leverage different quality of stones to cut on the cost of the entire piece.


3. Halo Style Diamond Ring

This style of engagement ring is a combination of a solitaire style ring with a stylish twist. Instead of a single stone, you have smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone to give it more brilliance and a beautiful look. The best thing about this style of ring is that it makes the center stone appear larger and magnificent. After the solitaire ring style, this is the most popular option out there. If you want to add some sparkle to your engagement ring, this is the style to choose.

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4. Pave Engagement Rings

One of the qualities every bride looks for in an engagement ring is a luxurious touch. This stylish effect is just what you get with the pave engagement ring. This style is popular because it exudes luxury and adds a touch of glamor to your engagement ring.

The metal surface of the ring has a layer of small stones that lead to the center diamond. The inclusion of bright stones on the surface of your ring adds a unique sparkle and makes it shine from every angle.


5. Cluster Princess Style

Now if you want to make your partner go weak in the knees, choose a Cluster Princess Style engagement ring. This ring is the dream of every bride as it gives them that feel of royalty. Not only is this one of the trending style among couples, but it is also among the most sought-after ring styles in fashion circles.

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6. Tension Setting Diamond Rings

If you want an engagement ring that stands out from the rest, then go for a tension setting for your ring. This ring style is among the most popular in the contemporary category and it gives the center diamond more prominence in a suspension-like appearance.

While traditional engagement rings use prongs and other clumsy methods to hold the center stone, the tension setting uses the band itself to hold the beautiful diamond aloft. Pressure from the band holds the diamond in place and it appears to stand alone at the center. In this position, there is more light entering the diamond thus giving it more sparkle.


7. Bezel Diamond Ring Style

When shopping for an engagement ring, you will come across Bezel setting rings in every store. These rings are popular with people looking for something unique and modern in appearance. It is the most secure diamond ring setting guaranteeing your precious stone never falls off. The center diamond rests comfortably on a gold or platinum setting. This ring style not only protects the diamond but also makes it the center of attention.

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