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If it’s been too long you haven’t been on a satisfying vacation, it’s the right time you need to book your tickets for Bali. Why particularly Bali, there are two good reasons for that. First, the peak season to visit the place is coming soon and second the place is JUST amazing. From picture-perfect beaches to lush hills, dense forests, trekking routes, paddy fields, mesmerizing nightlife, rugged coastlines, and the list goes on. Bali offers something for everyone. I took good enough days to explore the place with team routeprints and would definitely love to visit again as it has to proffer you with so much to experience. So, if by any chance you’re planning to visit the place but don’t know how to make the best of your trip, here’s your guide to help you out with everything. 



Peak Season in Bali

Which is the best time to visit any new place is one of the major concerns we have in our mind after all nobody wants to get their time and money wasted on a useless day. If you’re planning to visit Bali and don’t mind being amidst a huge crowd and heavy traffic, visit when the weather is at its best. July and August are usually considered the driest months with an amazing climate. So, if you’re just the opposite who loves to wander around in peace, you can be there but might experience little shower. Also, the months before and after the peak season namely April, May, and September are quite enjoyable and you may experience beautiful sunny days. November and March are basically the wettest months to pay a visit to Bali, while months like January, February, and December receives more rainfall and are a little hotter. Despite what’s your favorite season and which particular month you would love to be there, Bali looks really mesmerizing during Christmas and New Year. 

Must-Visit Places in Bali 

Bali is surely the best quintessential tropical paradise that offers its visitor or tourist with everything from impressive temples to historical monuments to thrilling adventure points. The place allows you to discover some ‘You shouldn’t miss’ experiences and here’s the list of some of those ideal places to make your trip worth-visiting. 


If it comes to Bali, Ubud is the first place that always remains at the top of the list and why not, the place is a total package of ethereal beauty and culture that is mainly showcased through street dance performances, temples, paddy fields, and museums. Make sure you have a bike ride to explore the real beauty of the place, make your way to bamboo mansions, and visit themacaque- inhabited Monkey Park and most amazing elephant safari. Thus, make sure you add up this place in your list when in Bali.

Mount and Lake Batur

Talking about the world’s best dramatic landscapes and not talking about Mount Batur is not at all fair. The place that is also known as Kintamani volcano is absolutely perfect for sightseeing in Bali. The wonderful vistas of Caldera that are spread across 13sq km and a gorgeous lake that covers the major part of Caldera, and provides a breathtaking show to their tourists. 

Besides this, you can visit the Pura Ulun Danu Batur, soak yourself in hot springs, visit through some ancient villages, and witness the scenic views of mighty mountains. Also, I would be sharing a mind-blowing secret with you, if you want to go on a trek, make it before sunrise and have a sumptuous breakfast of eggs boiled in the volcano. 



Kuta Beach 

If you don’t know that already, Kuta Beach was once considered a sleepy fishing village but gained popularity during the 1970s as the ideal place for surfing. Kuta Beach is situated on the island’s Southern point in the village of Kelurahan, and is surely the best and well-maintained. Also, the beach is renowned for its incredible nightlife and you’ll always see the Southern section of the beach heavily crowded, be it the daytime or night. But for the visitors who love being in peace, you can head towards the north end of the beach. When at Kuta Beach you can visit Ground Zero Memorial, Circus Waterpark, Kuta theater, and have a vintage ride on the roads. 


Pura Besakih

Pura Besakih, one of the most beautiful nine directional temples is situated on the slopes of GunungAgung, which is also Bali’s highest mountain, and was established to save the island from the evil. Epic says that the name of the temple was put after the dragon god who used to live within the depths of the mountain. The complex of the temple includes more than 28 structures built on 7 sloping terraces. Also, if you get indulged in an organized tour, this can be the ideal way to explore the site because the self-designated guides there are high in demand. 


Nungnung Waterfall

This eye-catching beautiful waterfall is located between Bedugul and Ubud, which is just the right way for you freshen up your soul and senses. The waterfall lies around 900 meters above the sea level and is completely encircled by lush greenery that ultimately makes the place a favorite spot for all the nature buffs out there. Also, should always be camera-ready because you’re going to witness outstanding scenic views out there. Remember that the water is not suitable for swimming and in fact, the 500 step pathway might look tough for many. Relax there for a while and appreciate the beauty of the place. 

Food at Bali 

A trip would be absolutely incomplete if you miss out Bali’s some of the best dishes that are mostly made by using local herbs and spices. Earlier, dining out in Bali used to be a bit tough task when they had to grab some food from small shops and restaurants, and usually never go out to eat. But now, everything has changed and a number of various classic dishes are available to everyone from these small shops to the top-notch restaurants. The best part is, it has made a breeze for all the tourists to have a real flavor of Balinese food. 

So, when in Bali, you cannot afford to miss some of these exotic dishes. So, give a delicious treat to your belly with tempting cuisines that includes Babi Guling, Lawar, Sate Lembut, Ikan Bakar Jimbaran Style, Bebek and Ayam Betutu, Traditional Cakes and Desserts, Nasi Goreng, and much more. 

How to Reach Bali

Visiting a new place always puts up a question in your mind, “How will I reach the place”? Don’t think much about the same. You just take care of packing and continue reading this piece of information. 

By Air: 

Reaching Bali by air is the most convenient method you can opt for and the best part is that the Indonesian island is even very well connected to all the parts of the world. You can easily get a direct or indirect flight to the place and this is possible due to the popularity of this year-round tourist spot. Denpasar International Airport, situated in South Kuta district is mere 13km from the capital of Bali, Denpasar. You can hire a taxi from the airport, in order to reach your destination. 

By Sea: 

Bali is one of the most renowned ports for most cruise liners traveling through South East Asia. People usually get off here to go shopping and have some local cuisines. So, if you wish to experience the same and want to enter Bali by sea, you can take a flight to Java, Singapore, or Sumatra and from there you can hop onto a cruise or ferry to your destination. You can check out for actual procedures at the airport desk. 

By Road:

Well, visiting Bali by road is not at all recommended since it’s an island and doesn’t have well road connectivity with all the parts of the world. But even if you want to know about the route, it goes like this. You can reach Singapore and then take a ferry ride from there to Jakarta. From Jakarta, it’s 1200km to reach Bali and will take around 23 hours to reach there by bus. So, all in all, it will take a few weeks to make it to your destination or I should say, will waste your precious vacation time.

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