Why The Big Dream Boat Man is the best tour in the Philippines

” BIG DREAM BOATMAN was founded by Krish and Oli in late 2016. It was born out of a frustration of the ‘day trip’ culture, the lack of social and eco-responsibility by other operators and the ‘let’s get as many tourists on a boat as we can’ approach.

They decided to change it up, to create a socially responsible expeditions business that would show guests the true beauty of island life, out of stuffy hotels, away from the crowds, during a true adventure.

All while at the same time supporting the local community via social projects As such, BDBM was born… and we’ve never looked back! “

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have you ever desired to spend the night on a deserted island that only you will be sleeping on? And not just any island… no no no. An island that is so mesmerizing you can’t believe it’s real.

Well let me tell you something, Bigdreamboatman makes this possible for you… Yes, you really can live your desire!

This tour is like no other… you don’t just get to go to these beautiful islands with beaches that make you think you’re in a movie… no, even better you will actually be staying the night on these mesmerizing beaches.

Because of the low light pollution at night, your view at night is quite something.. I personally have never been able to see so many stars.

This was truly one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had whilst traveling. If you’re new to traveling or you’re looking for a new adventure? Then I highly recommend booking a trip with bigdreamboatman

There are no other tours in the Philippines that do such a thing. Every other tour will only take you to the islands during the day. Bigdreamboatman knows this and because of it, they’re able to avoid other tours which make it deeply pleasurable.

You will set off fairly early in the morning to your next island adventure to avoid other tours but not straight away… first you will have the best breakfast you have ever tasted in all your life. Their chief is quite something.

There are a whopping 50 islands in Coron and only 10 popular tours! which are not all island hopping. So it’s fairly easy for bigdreamboatman to avoid other tours.

One of my favorite activities to do during the day was to play volley and basketball on the Beach with my friends and the crew.

Bigdreamboatman is voted for the best tour in Coron on the TripAdvisor! If you want to experience something you never have before then this is for you, don’t miss-out.

click here -> Bugdreamboatman to claim your spot!


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