It can be hard to eat healthy whilst traveling, so here are 5 top tips on eating well whilst away…

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1. Don’t eat at airports

First and foremost, do NOT eat anything at airports.

Not only is the food insanely overpriced, but it’s generally coming from a chain restaurant that laces their food with preservatives.

Airport food is rarely good for you!

Furthermore, airport food is always prepared in a rush. Personally, I don’t trust the cleanliness measures at an airport restaurant in any country.

Plus, there’s nothing wrong with fasting while traveling. You could easily skip a meal or two while flying. A 12-hour fast has never killed anyone.

By fasting while flying, you can also feast on local cuisine when you arrive in your destination – guilt-free.


2. Start the day off right

When I’m moving around, I always try to start the morning off on a healthy note.

If I’m lifting weights, this means a protein filled breakfast of fried eggs, beans, and yogurt with fruit.

If I’m not lifting that day, I’ll often skip breakfast while on the road.

Not only does skipping breakfast saves some cash, but it’s also insanely healthy and allows you to fully enjoy the local cuisine during meals later that day.

No matter how you do it…

Get some protein in you before noon while on the road. This will keep you satiated during your travel times and keep you from munching throughout the day.

“Carbicide” is easy while traveling around, especially in Latin America – where carb-heavy treats tend to be the norm.

How To Eat Healthy While Traveling Around The Globe

3. Go local for lunch

While dinner tends to be our biggest meal in the United States, that’s simply not true in many countries.

In many places, you’ll find insane lunch specials for the local business people. I’m talking a full meal with a big piece of meat, vegetables, rice, beans, and more for under $5 USD.

Not only that, these local lunch spots generally buy their produce and meat from local farmers and the food tends to be of good quality. No preservative-laden junk like you’ll find at chains.

An example of these lunch spots would be a menu restaurant in Lima, Peru. For 8-10 Soles, you’ll often get a piece of chicken, ceviche, rice, fries, and salted vegetables.


4. Visit the local market

Skip the supermarket chains when traveling around and looking to cook a few of your own meals.

Head straight to the local market. In these markets, you’ll find some of the freshest ingredients in the city – at unbeatable prices.

For example, I was able to get a kilogram of fresh tuna medallions in Mazatlan, Mexico for what would equal $7 USD.

That’s six full tuna medallions for $7 bucks!

Impossible to beat the price and it was some of the freshest fish I’ve ever eaten in my life.

These places tend to be ideal for buying vegetables, fruits, meats, and seafood. The food is always fresher than the supermarket and often at half the price.

How To Eat Healthy While Traveling Around The Globe

5. Follow local traditions

One of the easiest ways to eat healthy while traveling? Just do what the locals do. Eat what the locals eat.

While this won’t work in every country, you’ll generally find that the most popular foods in many a foreign country are also fairly healthy and insanely fresh.

If the locals eat it all the time and you find the general populace looks pretty healthy, you should be good to go.

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