How to easily make your home more Instagrammable

adding plants to your home

Wondering how to draw more ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from your home decor? Read our tips on how to make your home more Instagrammable, below!

instagrammable interiors

1. Add plants

This is pretty much ‘how to make your home more Instagrammable’ 101. Most IG influencers have picked up on this and feature one bold plant in a large planter. Alternatively, you can cluster smaller plants, such as succulents, in matching pots. What you shouldn’t do? Display dying or dead plants, or too many mismatched pots.

Plant Interior

2. Stick with one colour scheme

This doesn’t have to mean one colour; it’s one colour scheme. So, for example, if you like light colours, ensure your background is all ice-cream, pastel shades. Love something cheerful? Go for Crayon-box hues of yellow and orange. Drama queen? Choose dark blues, purples and black. The point is, the colour scheme should be coherent.

3. Clear the clutter

This is the most fundamental tip for making your home more Instagrammable. No one wants to see half-drunk coffee, used tissues or visual clutter in your IG post. Keep it clean!

4. Open the space with mirrors

If you set a mirror at a height where it reflects a point of interest, such as a chandelier or a vase of flowers, it is much more visually appealing than a view of dead space.

5. Add one ‘conversation’ piece

Jackie insists one of the best ways to make your home more Instagrammable is to add an accent piece that will get your followers chatting. This could be an awesome piece of art, a unique light, or an unusual piece of furniture, for example.

6. Keep it odd

Did you know that visually, odd numbers of decorative objects on shelves look best? Three candles are better than two; a bunch of books on a shelf look better than four in a row. Fact! Mix it up, in terms of size, shape and texture.

ceramic vases

8. Use Edison bulbs for an industrial chic look

Jackie says this is one trend that’s not going anywhere. We used to promote LED lights as being more eco-friendly, since they take up less energy and last longer. But guess what? They use blue light, which harms your eyes and delays sleep. So…no thanks!

edison bulbs

9. Add hairpin legs to any table to give it an upgrade

They’re a bit retro. They’re simple to do. And they’ll definitely help make your home more Instagrammable! Remove the legs off a cheap table and swap them out for 50’s modernist-style hairpin legs instead. Chic!

Make Your Home More Instagrammable

10. Add a feature wall

White walls are soooo boring! Especially when given the incredibly artistic wallpaper choices we’re given these days. Make your home more Instagrammable by picking a dramatic wallpaper that reflects your personality. This could be huge flowers; a ‘painted’ picture; or a forestral scene, for example. Not a fan of wallpaper? Paint one wall a dramatic shade you love!

11. Think about texture

Make your home more Instagrammable by displaying loads of different textures. Think: a table made of knotted, scarred, recycled wood, combined with a fluffy vegan ‘fur’ throw and some fresh flowers. Mix it up!

pink arm chair

12. Store stuff in baskets

First of all, this will help you get rid of clutter, one of our main tips for making your home more Instagrammable. And secondly, you’ll show off your eco kudos with some straw or rattan baskets! Much better for the planet than plastic storage, right?

Make Your Home More Instagrammable

13. Add fun lights

Sure, Edison bulbs, mentioned above, are super trendy. But neon or fairy lights can also make a big difference when making your home more Instagrammable. Soft lighting on the left and right will make you look better on the ‘gram than direct overhead lighting, too.

women home decor

14. Consider your surfaces

Taking a pic of objects? Be sure you snap them on a pretty carpet, quirky table, or colourful tablecloth.

home decor for women

15. Add some art

This is related to point 5. Art can be comprised of one standout piece, or a collection of smaller works and postcards you love, grouped in sweet little frames. In either case, you’re going to be expressing your taste and style in a big way!

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