10 Room Essentials You Need For College Success

Even though you’ve all settled into your room, you still have the feeling that something is missing. You want to be well-prepared and have the best possible room basics. Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of ten items you’ll need to get ready for college.

1. Laptop

I consider the number one room essential before buying anything else is a computer or laptop of some sorts to make it through college. The expense can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Local chain stores often offer great deals for students because they know you’ll need their products. Colleges also provide computers to students either in libraries or computer labs free to use. The only issue is that those places have operation hours. Owning a computer is worth making things so much easier. At 1 a.m. when you’re just finishing off your 10 page english essay, you’ll be glad you have your own laptop.

2. Coffee Machine/ Tea Kettle

Early morning classes are a cruel reality for most students. Something to turn your mornings around, owning a coffee/ tea maker. Some people say they would have never survived college or grad school without their daily dose of coffee. The easy access of rolling out of bed and having it at your reach will motivate you to get so much more done. Teas always seem to relax a person. They come in handy when life or school is stressing you out. You’ll wish you had one of these when it’s too late. I’ve always been a tea person, but even those super early lectures converted me once or twice. 

3. Warm Bedding

Depending on where you’re going to college, you’ll want to invest in some warm bedding. Your first semester falls around the end of summer when things start to cool off. A memory I have from my first year of college is running to my dorm fast enough to get out of the rain. I quickly changed into warm clothes and snuggled up in my bed. I knew my room essentials had to include some warm bedding because I wanted something to keep me toasty for days like those. Try looking for bedding that has wool or sherpa stitched in. It’ll keep you warm and happy for the colder days to come.

4. Extra Storage Bins

You are going to need extra storage bins when you move into your dorm. It’s not only a room essential, it’s a life essential as well. Staying organized will help cut down on stress, make your room look presentable, and give you extra space in your closet. You’re going from living in a big place to a small room. Most of the stuff you bring over like clothes, shoes, gadgets, they’re not going to all fit around the room. A tip I learned was to pull out as I go. Start by storing everything in bins under the bed. Keep your closet stocked with a couple of summer outfits, but mainly winter clothes starting the year off. Anything party or special occasion related should be put away. I suggested leaving a storage bin specifically for shoes. Shoes tend to take up a lot of space in a small closet. Only put out wall decor or things you need to decorate the room. Everything else should be stored away with easy access for you to pull out throughout the year.

5. Room Cart

Carts are a room essential in any dorm. I like to use these for different things like my snacks, teas, notebook organizer, the options are endless. A room cart would definitely cut down on space and is super convenient. You’re able to stock it up with some of your favorite things or stuff you need at hand. It saves you time on having to look for important items like your keys or wallet in the morning. It can be hard fitting everything into one small place. Consider making your life and year a lot easier by acquiring a room cart to make your room look POSH.

6. Desk Lamp

Midnight cram sessions are the WORST! When thinking of what room essentials to buy, consider a desk lamp for nights like those. Living with a roommate, you have to adjust to their schedule as much as your own. If you have a roommate that likes to sleep early, you’ll have to deal with not having the main light on. Colleges have a high demand in both reading and homework. You’re going to need a tool that will light you up all night long if necessary.

7. Humidifier

Allergies run high when you’re in a new place. Room essentials like a humidifier might be what you need. Humidifiers open up your airways and help to cleanse the room. You have to remember, students have lived in your dorm for years. The college cleans up after every move, but it doesn’t rid you of dust and dirt from over the summer. The last thing you want in your first year of college is having to battle a nasty cold. Humidifiers come in different shapes and sizes for easier use in your room.

8. Brita Pitcher

A fan favorite for college students was their Brita Pitcher. If you’re not familiar, a Brita Pitcher contains replaceable water filters that  filter out tap water and makes it clean to drink. Students have saved so much money having bought a Brita pitcher. It’s easy to just run to the store and buy a pack of water bottles. Overtime, it starts to become a waste of money and plastic. With a Brita Pitcher, you just fill it out and it filters itself. Consider carrying around a water bottle and filling it up every time you leave.

9.  Shower Caddy

Shower Caddies are a must have in room essentials. A shower caddy will space you arm space when carrying your favorite shampoo and conditioner down the hall to the showers. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a shower in your dorm. Shower caddies keep things organized and secure. When you’re living with multiple people in one dorm, you want your things to be in one spot. Sometimes people get confused and use your things by mistake. A shower caddy will prevent anything from getting lost and used. 

10. Headphones

Just like a desk lamp, headphones allow you to be considerate to your roommates when in the room. Headphones are not long a room essential, they’re a college essential. From walking to class to homework, you need something playing in your ear to keep you motivated and thriving for completion. It’s also a convenience for the people around you. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to study and I hear people blaring music on their phones. College is about balancing and compromising. Consider picking up a pair the next time you’re out if you don’t already have them.

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