Bridal Shower Food Menu: A Quick Guide to the Must-Have Appetizers and Desserts

For many of you maids of honour, arranging your bestie’s bridal shower will be your first experience hosting a major party where you’ll be responsible for feeding all of the attendees.

We understand that such a task may appear onerous, which is why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of easy-to-make, easy-to-serve bridal shower favourites.

We’ve even divided it into distinct categories and included a few of our favourite wedding shower food recipes as a bonus!

Appetizers & Hors d’oeuvres

Serving a range of delectable finger snacks is the easiest way to feed a large group of people with varying tastes. With a few of tasty dips, you’ve got yourself an appetiser buffet!

Fruit and veggie platters, deviled eggs, and spinach artichoke dip are all classics. Make your fruit kabobs look more impressive by assembling them that way, or serve your dips in bite-sized cups for a fun twist.

Check out these very easy wedding shower meal ideas if you’re searching for something a little different:

1. Caprese Salad Skewers

Get the recipe:

2. Homemade Mac & Cheese Bites

Get the recipe:

Salads & Sides

Including a variety of salads and sides on the bridal shower food menu is an excellent way to keep the dinner light, not to mention how simple they are to prepare in huge quantities. Add the fact that they can be made the night before to save you time on shower day to the list of benefits!

Serve a tossed house or Caesar salad as the main course, along with a variety of pasta, potato, and macaroni salads as side dishes. Set up a salad bar with a selection of toppings and dressings for guests to choose from to take it to the next level.

Instead of presenting a traditional Italian pasta salad, provide enhanced variations like these:

1. Bacon Ranch Salad

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2. Creamy Cucumber Pasta Salad

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Sandwiches & Sliders

In terms of the main course, we recommend sticking to meals that can be eaten in two or three bites and are hand-held (i.e. finger foods). Remember, this is a light lunch, not a full-fledged dinner party, so extravagant entrees aren’t required.

When it comes to sandwiches, a classic deli meat combo (turkey, ham, and roast beef are usually favourites) or a simple salad style (chicken, tuna, or egg are easy go- to’s) will never let you down. Prepare small wraps or pinwheels instead of the typical bread or bun method of sandwich serving.

Include one of these delectable alternatives to truly impress your guests:

1.New Orleans Muffuletta Sandwich

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2. Stuffed French Bread

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Desserts & Sweets

Last but not least, there are the treats! Finish off your killer bridal shower meal with a variety of delectable snacks that look as beautiful as they taste.

Handheld desserts, such as cookies and cupcakes, are simple to distribute and clean up while yet allowing you to go above and beyond in terms of appearance. Consider decorating your cookies with the bride-to-future be’s last name or arranging your cupcakes in the shape of a wedding gown.

Use these delectable ideas to take your dessert game to the next level:

1. Champagne Cupcakes

Get the recipe:

2. Mini Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes

Get the recipe:

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