Congratulations! I can’t image how exciting it must be to be one step closer to your wedding day. You finally get to marry your best friend, and you celebrate with family and friends to kick off your new life together. When it comes to weddings, many things have changed, but one thing hasn’t: invites! Isn’t it true that wedding invitations must be given to everyone who has been invited? It doesn’t matter where you’re going, when you’re going, or who you’re inviting… Those lovely pieces of paper are more than simply a heads-up; they’re your guests’ first taste of the wedding. So, here are some charming, breathtaking, unforgettable, and classy wedding invitations that set the tone for the rest of the event!

White Marble

Everything and anything white marble appeals to me. White marble is used for my laptop cover, phone case, pens & pencils, coasters, and candle holders. White marble has burst all over social media, so I know I’m not alone! For all those who adore white marble, here’s a gorgeous wedding invitation that you can personalise with your own wording. It’s delicately beautiful yet just as sophisticated as a more traditional wedding invitation, making it an ideal match for the modern bride.

Roaring Twenties

Okay, so 2020 didn’t go as planned, and 2021 is off to a bumpy start as well. Your wedding, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be just as you imagined! And since it’ll be one of your life’s most important occasions, why not treat it as such? With all of the enchantment and romance that comes with a Great Gatsby party, these are a fantastic way to get things started. Even if your wedding isn’t entirely retro or flapper-themed, these art deco wedding invites are beautiful and intriguing while remaining true to you and your special day.

Glitz and Glam

These wedding invites offer a sense of majesty and festivity that is like a cross between white marble and art deco. It’s as if rosé has been transformed into a wedding invitation with its shimmering pink sparkles! This is both exciting and fashionable, and it lets everyone know it’s going to be a magnificent party in your honour. It’s never too early to let everyone know where they’re invited to a ballroom, garden, or destination wedding.

Simple Yet Chic

One of the things that drew my attention to this one was the attention to detail and the fact that all of the information was contained within the simple yet stylish oval border. The design has a carefree quality to it that reminds me of the Regency era, of strolling around rose gardens and dancing in magnificent costumes. This wedding invitation might then be a classic addition to numerous themes thanks to the use of delicate and dignified typeface and word choice. Colors, flowers, and feathering may all be customised to suit your preferences, making it almost ideal in every way.

Joining Of Two Families

This allusion to wedding bands is fantastic! Why not have more subtle and individualised versions of your wedding invites instead of two apparent, almost tacky rings? These rings, which may be customised to include your wedding flowers and colours, can symbolise the union of two lives, as represented by the letters of your first names. Then, beneath the lovely photograph, you can enter all the necessary details in a simple and basic manner. You might frame this invitation and proudly display it beside your wedding images in your house.

String Lights

Despite the fact that the point design is meant to showcase the palm fronds and the tropical surroundings of that particular event, I included it on the list since string lights were used! String lights have made their way into the wedding industry, and not only as a backyard DIY project. String lights have evolved into something quite romantic and old, evoking memories of days gone by. Imagine yourself and your new spouse basking in the warm glow of Edison lamps… so why not hint at your wedding decor on the invitation?


Why not handwrite your wedding invites in this Information Age, when everything, including wedding invitations, can be digitised? A personal touch can sometimes go a long way. It’s sometimes better not to have printed embellishments or slave over handwriting, as in the wedding inspiration below. Because, in this age of quarantine, a personal touch like this will be appreciated forever. Instead, you could each put your name at the top of the page and scribble down any vital details on the bottom, or you could get some simple fill-in-the-blank invites like the one below!

Carved In Wood

These rustic invitations are extremely lovely and harken back to the days when our grandparents carved their initials in a heart on a tree. If you’ve already decided on a 1950s dress, they’re a must-have. These would be excellent for an outdoor wedding with DIY details, as they are casual and fun. Wedding invites like these are natural and easygoing, which is a way to let everyone know it will be a low-key but spectacular day, especially in a time when weddings need to be small.

Water Color

Though the topic of my upcoming wedding is diametrically opposed to these wedding invites, I can’t help but admire the creativity. The use of watercolour elements to convey a sunrise-like scene creates a sense of organic beauty and refinement. If there’s one invitation you should duplicate, it’s this one, because it’ll get all of your guests to say yes right away!

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